Classic Automobile Mechanical Restoration In Des Plaines, IL

Looking to restore that old classic, but you don't have the time or need a helping hand? Schimka Auto specializes in mechanical restoration to both enhance your vintage car and breathe new life into projects that have been put on hold. Want to fix your classic car so you can safely get it back on the road? Let us put our extensive experience to work for you.

Vintage Vehicle Repair

Schimka Auto specializes in repairs for vintage vehicles, so if your classic automobile has an issue, you know exactly where to go!
Black Car—Classic Restoration in Des Plaines, IL

Vintage Vehicle Hauling

Let us put our extensive experience working with antique automobiles to work for you. At Schimka, we use special equipment for safe and careful hauling of vintage cars.
  • Flatbeds
  • Ramping
  • Special straps for vehicle care

We Sell Vintage Automobiles

We just might have that classic car you've been dreaming of. For our current inventory, give us a call at 847-699-3078.